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MVC Preview 3 Compatibility

Jun 24, 2008 at 10:00 PM
I hope to be able to upgrade this to Preview 3 of the MVC framework, but I haven't downloaded it yet. Now that some AJAX features are coming in to the framework I need to evaluate how well this framework integrates and if it continues to meet and match the goals of the MVC framework moving forward. I'd love to hear some feedback if anyone has any. Should I continue to move forward with this project? Is this helping anybody out there? I still like the idea and will most likely continue with the project. But without any feedback I'm not sure if I'm moving in the right direction or if I'm just hanging out there on my own.
Jun 24, 2008 at 10:46 PM
Ok, so that wasn't so hard. I was easily able to upgrade to Preview 3. It didn't require any code changes to anything other than the demo MVC project, and those changes were just exactly as described in the readme.doc file.

On a side note, I just spent some time listening to Phil Haack on .NETRocks and was very glad to hear that the direction they are planning on going is making ScriptManager work with ASP.NET MVC. So at least that answers my questions about wither or not this will be compatible. Also, I didn't notice anything big mentioned by Scott Guthrie about AJAX in Preview 3 (other than the Json and Ajax action types) so until further notice I plan on continuing with this project.

However, I'd still like some feedback - I know there are at least some people monitoring the project since my source code updates are getting downloaded. Let me know what you think.